About company

Across the Baltic did not happen by chance, this is my passion or perhaps even destiny. The company’s formation is a result of being in contact with the Scandinavian countries, that I have experienced since childhood. Frequent trips to Scandinavia and a constant, abundant flow of guests and visitors from the other side of the Baltic Sea, have helped me to see the similarities and differences in those very close, but at the same time very different from the Poland countries.

The increasing interest in Scandinavian countries by the Polish population as well as the frequent visits from its Scandinavian neighbors to my country, was a strong motivator for the foundation of the company Across The Baltic. The fact that Polish people seem to be very open to the world, as well as incredible changes in the quality of tourist services and infrastructure standards, are extremely stimulating for the development of Polish – Scandinavian contacts. I want to combine all that with my passion, and promote the exchange of ideas and experiences.
Feel free to contact: info@acrossthebaltic.com