I am sure that those of you who have been to Poland for the first time have experienced a positive surprise and would like to come back again. I know that because I have often guided Scandinavian groups, and I have seen the same faces more than once - this is a very nice feeling! These visitors have gotten to know Poland as an extremely hospitable country, with beautiful monuments, interesting history and delicious cuisine.

Poland is a country that has much to offer - from its sandy beaches, to lakes, churches, monasteries, castles and palaces, as well as winter resorts and majestic mountains. Poland is a very reasonably priced country! Poland is also very close to Scandinavian nature, known not only for its bison and storks, but for globally unique national parks, monuments of nature and non-industrialized landscapes which are increasingly rare in continental Europe as well. We will organize your program, during which you will know and feel the true Polish traditions and temperament. We encourage you to travel with us.